New Supermoon 15/11/2020

We are in the middle of November already. Where has the year gone? It’s another Super Moon at 5.09 am on the 15th UK. The third in a row and the time to set your new intentions. I have been listening to Pam Gregory, our local astrologer who speaks of energy quickening, strong emotions, downloads […]

Super New Moon 28/9/19

I thought I would share with you a message I received from Kari Samuels. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals and put them outside in this powerful new moon. “Our lovely Libra New Moon is upon us! Our Sun and Moon will be meeting at 5 degrees Libra. We have LOTS of Libra today with […]

Awesome Eclipse Energy

I thought I would send you all some information about this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer today that has been shared with me courtesy of Kari Samuels.  “We have an important month coming up.  The Sun governs how you project your consciousness into the world.  When there is a Solar Eclipse, the Moon (your […]

New Moon 3/6/19

I have been researching the internet to find some information to share with you on tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. But before I do, 2019 is a year of renewal. Of completely transforming your identity, moving into more of what your soul’s calling is. And June is the month to […]

New Moon energy 4/5/2019

It is amazing how suddenly everything in the garden seems to push forward with the New Moon energy. Although it’s 5/5/19 today, I will be outside in the garden this evening to celebrate the New Moon and take note of her energy, as this is part of my course work that I need to do […]

Cornwall Guided Meditation Event

Join me as I take you on a journey to connect with and honour Yew Woman and the energies of the New Moon in November. A time of transformation and manifestation.     Location:                      Helston, Cornwall Date:                             Saturday 18th November 2017  10.30 am – 12.00 noon Cost:                              £10.00 Please bring a pen and paper with […]