Super New Moon 28/9/19

I thought I would share with you a message I received from Kari Samuels. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals and put them outside in this powerful new moon.

“Our lovely Libra New Moon is upon us!

Our Sun and Moon will be meeting at 5 degrees Libra.

We have LOTS of Libra today with personal planets Mercury and Venus in this relationship-oriented sign as well.

This is a SUPERMOON. So, the Moon’s emotional impact will have extra resonance.

New Moons always bring fresh starts and new beginnings.

Today’s lunation even more so, because we just experienced a major karmic reckoning!

We experienced today the final conjunction between Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and the Moon’s South Node (which represents past life karmic patterns).


The timing of this couldn’t be more impeccable.


You might be culminating a relationship with a person, place or your career. One thing is sure, your life is going to be different.

Mind you, YOU need to take action to make positive changes in your life.

One thing the past few months have taught you is that you need to reclaim your time and energy.

Saturn teaches you boundaries!

Since the Equinox, Chiron (the wounded healer) has been opposing our Sun. This tension has shed light on any wounds you have regarding your relationships.

By doing so, you can take your power back!

During this New Moon, it benefits you to declare some crystal clear intentions:

  • How can you reclaim your time to benefit your well-being?
  • Where can you shore up energy leaks around money or relationships?
  • How can you honour your heart’s desires more?
  • Who are the people who truly support you?
  • Who are the people who drain you? Can you let them go?
  • What structures can you put in place to help you build your dreams?

Enjoy this extraordinary energy!”

Thank you Kari.