Magic at the bottom of the garden

Being busy looking after Dennis with his triple bypass surgery and now with his cancer surgery, I have rather neglected the garden, but with Jamie at home yesterday I was able to spend some time outside. I was amazed to find beautiful fungii growing from a tree stump (I hasten to add the poor tree […]

Oxalis – Love Plant

A couple of years ago – gosh doesn’t time fly! – I attended channelling with Shirley Battie. If you have attended any of Shirley’s channelling, then you will know that she has an Oxalis plant on her window sill. One evening when we were channelling, her Oxalis started moving about and yet there was not […]

Unexpected Gifts

I was sooo pleased this week to have received a gift from my sister Ivy.  It was a beautiful Kimono that had been handed down to her from our Granny Murton (our father’s mother).  Synchronicity again, as the colour is blue which is Morgen Gliten’s colour on the wheel of the year at the moment. […]