Meditation Evening

Sacred Mysteries held it’s first Meditation Evening on 6th April. I want to thank Andrea, Celia, Laura, Lisa, Rita and Susan for coming along. Apart from Susan, everyone was new to meditation so we started off with going through the basics, concentrating on the breath. We then moved on to exercises, finishing with Chakra balancing. It […]

Keys to the Universe Event

On 24th January 2011, I went along to an evening with Diana Cooper organised by Sue Stone as one of her Positive Living Group ( meetings. Diana gave us an insight into her latest book the Keys to the Universe which she co-wrote with Kathy Crosswell. Diana tells us in the book, that we can […]

World Sound Meditation Event

I was guided to this site by one of my suppliers Crystal Herbs, to whom I am truly thankful. I had never visited Tom Kenyon’s site before and for those of you who would like to know more his website is Go to the section on The Hathors and then click on “The Nature […]

Sizzling Minerals Diabetes Case Study

This is such a powerful message and I do urge you to pass this on to anyone especially diabetics. I am insulin dependent and also have had two heart attacks. My diabetes wasn’t controlling hence I was under the care of the Diabetic Specialist at our local hospital. In December 2013 I had a cancerous […]