Imbolc Blessings – 1 February 2020

I wish you all Imbolc Blessings and look forward to our Ceremony this evening. For those of you who can’t make it tonight, and who have one of my Brigid’s crosses, please remember to take down and burn your old cross tonight, as it has been protecting you throughout the year, collecting negativity that may […]

Shamanic Journey – 31 January 2020

Card for the Day – Seven of Swords What this card says to me that you have been working away at something that didn’t make your heart sing, that wasn’t your life’s purpose, but you have had to do it. It feels like you have had to use your mind and you have been locked […]

December 2019 – Winter Solstice

I’ve just realised that I hadn’t posted the photos I took of our Winter Solstice. It was so peaceful and tranquil in the morning and its amazing, if you sit quiet in nature, what turns up! Our swans are back Where’s Veronica. I think the taxi took her away! There’s my coot.