Solar Eclipse & New Moon Meditation 13 July 2018

Come join me this evening for a meditation to welcome this powerful New Moon. I am sharing with you some information that has been sent to me by Elemental Beings which explains how important it is.

“This first eclipse in a series of three marks the start of a triangle of light which is upgrading the form of structures on Planet Earth.  As the vibratory speed of the Earth increases  the physicality lessens in density. Those who are aware of the Ascension Process and the shift to fifth dimensional consciousness can assist their physical bodies with the crystallization process which is occuring within.

Many of you may be experiencing stress, tiredness, muscle pain, bone pain, emf sensitivity (electromagnetic radiation), depression or problems with your lymphatic system, endocrine system or even organs. As these physical manifestations of imbalance present themselves it is important to understand that the crystalization process is occurring. Your energy systems are being rewired. Resistance to this process is futile.

After this eclipse there will be an intense period of crystallization occurring within you until the Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse mark the start of a potent and powerful transformative period,  over these three eclipses. This Solar Eclipse is at maximum at 13 July 03.01UTC but will only been seen from the Southern tip of Australia and Tasmania and Northern Antartica.

The New Moon is at 02.47 UTC and is in Cancer and at the same time there is a Grand Earth Trine of planets, and we are also entering a period when six planets will be retrograde at the same time, potent indeed! It will be of paramount importance at this time to use whatever detox methods are available to you, epsom salt baths, eat only organic and high quality foods and drink plenty of energised (Blessed) water.”

Blessed Be