Elen of the Ways

Synchronicity plays a big part in my life and here it is again – Elen of the Ways. She is also known as the Green Lady, Goddess of Gardens and Guardian of the underground streams that carry the sacred waters. I first came across her when I Googled Goddess of the Wildwood.  Some of you […]

New Bedroom – December 2019

My new bedroom is now complete thanks to my son Jamie who decorated it and paid for a new carpet and a new bed and mattress for me. We both felt that the old room held so much trauma of Den’s last few months and no matter how hard I scrubbed, I just could not […]

Grief and Bereavement Counselling

The loss of someone you love is one of the most difficult experiences you can go through.  Depending on your individual circumstances, your response to the death of a loved one can affect you in unexpected ways, not only emotionally but physically too. There is no right or wrong way to deal with loss and […]

Last Full Moon of the decade 12/12/2019

I have been listening to Pam Gregory regarding the Full Moon in Gemini. There is so much chaos out there at the moment and she says it will get wilder.  Also Pam says that if 1% of the world population shifts their consciousness upwards it affects everyone. By shifting and keeping our frequencies high, we […]

Essence making – 11/12/2019

I am really enjoying my Shamanic Practitioner course with Shamanic Willow especially last week’s Module, on making essences.  My training last week, co-incided with my Transit Reading appointment with AlexandrA Jowett (Jupiter Returns on Facebook).  Absolutely awesome. Willow and Alexandra have spurred me on to create my Grief and Bereavement essence which I completed last […]