New Moon in Taurus 15/5/18

I enjoyed a fabulous evening yesterday at Crones Corner with Shamanic Willow.  It was Dark Moon and we went on the land and visited a stream.  It was there I was able to connect to Mother Earth and to be told, don’t try to fight this, accept, surrender and go with the flow, as this is part of your journey. So as always, I have checked on the internet regarding the May 15th New Moon and it falls in the Earth sign of Taurus and is paving the way for some big cosmic shifts and changes.

“New moons are a time of new beginnings and this new moon is one of the most potent we will be experiencing this year. This is because Uranus shifts into Taurus today.  Taurus is all about finding security and stability and that true security and safety comes from within and to accept that nothing is ever guaranteed in life. The only guarantee is change and learning how to accept the changes that come your way is what this New Moon is about. Everything in life has a start and an end and every moment we experience the constant flow of change. With this energy it is going to become more important to focus on creating stability through the acceptance of change. When we surrender to change, we can understand that everything is temporary and that is when we can truly find our peace. This New Moon may bring sudden changes into our lives and the best way to navigate through this energy is to practice acceptance and to stay present in the moment (Mindfulness). Surrendering to whatever comes your way can help you to regain a sense of peace. While we may not have control over everything that comes our way, we do have control over how we feel, think and act. By focusing on what is in our control, rather than what is not, and by becoming aware of our feelings, thoughts, and actions, we can feel more at peace with our lives and open up to new possibilities. Fighting change is never going to work, instead opening to it and trying to accept it as best as you can is always going to lead to a more positive outcome.


By focusing on the new instead of fighting for the old, you can open your heart and mind to things that you may have not noticed before and create a new reality for yourself. Under the May New Moon and Uranus’ move into a new astrological sign, we are all going to be guided to activate and accept change in order to feel secure. We are also going to be able to tap into our creativity in order to open to the new possibilities that change brings.”

Well that just about sums up what I was given yesterday evening. And don’t forget, for those of you who have a manifestation grid, cleanse your crystals and re-program your grid this evening.

Blessed Be