Blue Moon 31st March 2018

March gives us two full moons and this one tonight is called a Blue Moon. I thought I would do some research on the internet and low and behold we have Mercury in retrograde. Mercury is all about communication and as my friend Susan Bladon will know, has special significance for me. The internet tells […]

Halo around the Moon

Did anyone, apart from Laura Stranack, Jamie Sturgess and myself, see the Halo around the Moon on Wednesday 28th March 2018? Laura and I had finished our meditation and we were walking back to the house from the Healing Cabin, when we saw the beautiful sight. According to The Daily Mail, the spectacle is caused […]

My Shamanic Drum

I thought I would share with you all, a photo of my Shamanic Drum. My husband Den found the drum at a carboot sale last year and it has taken all this time to finish painting it. Mainly because I could only paint a bit at a time so I didn’t smudge the paint! My […]

Crow Moon

Many of you may know that I completed my Morgen La Fey Crow Sisters training last year and am now a Morgen La Fey Crow Sister. This enables me to offer Morgen Crow Sister Healing which is a unique and deep Shamanic Healing. Through this journey I have received many instructions, the latest, which came […]