Bridgits Cross – The Morgens

I have really been battling with the recent WordPress changes and Spencer managed to upload photos for me and to publish my Imbolc blog. I wanted to add some narrative to the photos and have now managed to master the WordPress upgrades. So here goes. The crosses are available for £5 each and I will […]

Imbolc 1st February 2018

I can’t believe another year has turned on the wheel and we are fast approaching Imbolc. I have been able to make Bridgits crosses this year while I have been nursing Den in the afternoons. It seems as fast as I am making them, my friends and family are taking them which is fabulous. More […]

Forgiveness, 4/1/2019

Hello everyone. This is my first blog for 2019 and apologies for the lack of communication lately. We seem to be going from one crisis to another with hubby’s mouth cancer and the Yuletide was no exception.  It seemed to me that there is so much in the media regarding New Year resolutions and getting […]