The Awakening – New Moon 11/2/2021

Another excerpt from Convoluted Universe I where Dolores Cannon talks with the Super Conscious about what steps could we take to awaken.

D If like you said, humans are 99% asleep, what steps could we take to awaken?

SC If our mind is our greatest tool, and if we do wish to use it to its fullest capacity, then we wish to consciously connect with those in the realm of light.

D So what should we do every day?

SC Consciously focus your thoughts on light.  Not light just without, but light that radiates from every cell of your living body.  From the planet herself, from each plant and animal, and from the very air and water themselves.  Think that every single thing you come in contact with or even think of, is in essence made of light. And the core of light, the very bottom line, is love.

This to me is so important at this New Moon. The New Moon is a time to manifest our dreams, desires and hopes. And where do we successfully manifest? In our heart.