Mince Pies and Mulled Wine

Join me in an afternoon where we re-learn the old ways lost in time. We will honour the land and the Winter Solstice energies and then return to make a Yuletide gift for you to take home. We will finish with blessing the Yule tree before bringing it into the house and round it all […]

When Mercury Goes Retrograde

I suddenly realised why I had been feeling low and completely drained – as if I was surrounded by negativity – when Shamanic Willow explained to me that Mercury was in Retrograde and would be until 22nd December 2018. I know that many of you are feeling the same, so I thought I would do […]

Morgen La Fey Retreat

Morgen La Fey Retreats are held once a month in the beautiful Normandy countryside. Here we explore the source of our personal power, deepen our relationship with Mother Earth and re-learn the old ways lost in time. Working with Morgen La Fey is magical and empowering.¬† She is Queen of the Fae and Healer, being […]

Leather Journals

  Hello everyone. A big thank you to my friend Laura who recommended Titan Leather on Poole Quay. It has taken me a few Saturdays to find the shop as it is attached to a cafe. I went there on Saturday with the intention of looking for an Amethyst Cathedral but I just wasn’t drawn […]