Bumble Bee

Take care when you are walking outside in this windy weather. On my way to my healing cabin this afternoon, I nearly trod on a Bumble Bee! I thought it was injured so tried to encourage it to come on to my hand. Bumble Bee wasn’t having any of it. Then I realised, Bumble Bee […]

Spring Equinox 20/3/2020

Oestra Blessings to you all in these chaotic days. I thought I would share with you some encouraging signs of spring as my seeds, that I planted before the Full Moon, are already popping up through the soil. I had to move them from one side of the conservatory to the other, because Lunar, in […]

Seasonal Nature Journal – March 2020

February was a difficult month for me so no posting for the Nature Journal.  It seems like it’s been raining and windy since October last year and here we are on 15th March 2020 and still more wind and rain. However, in between the showers I was able to take a few photos. The cover […]