Awesome Eclipse Energy

I thought I would send you all some information about this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer today that has been shared with me courtesy of Kari Samuels.  “We have an important month coming up.  The Sun governs how you project your consciousness into the world.  When there is a Solar Eclipse, the Moon (your emotions and subconscious) temporarily block the radiant light of the Sun. This moment of darkness is for you to reflect more fully on your inner light.  This can bring light to aspects that you tucked away into the recesses of your shadow.  Now these previously darkened aspects are ready to be revealed so you can shine more brightly.

This is a massive month for change.  We have two eclipses, two New Moons and a Mercury Retrograde. This is a total reset of your consciousness. The eclipses are in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn respectively. You are meant to find new ways of balancing your ambitions with your need to nurture yourself.  You might be asking yourself why you are working so hard.  After all, it’s the people in your life and your well being that are more important than productivity.  Cancer is the sign of the Mother and Capricorn is the sign of the Father.  Your role regarding your relationship to these archetypes will come into full focus.  Ultimately, you have some decisions to make. Ask yourself: 1) What can you let go of so you can feel more balance between work and well being? 2) How can you parent yourself as if you are your own child? 3) What can you do to deepen your roots so you feel more emotionally connected and supported? 4) Do you need to make changes in your environment or people in your life so you feel more supported?”

I would like to add, that so many of us are feeling tired at the moment and this is because of the shifts that have been occurring heralding the end point of an old way of being. So, this evening, just take time to stop, breathe, meditate, reflect on your inner light and look at all aspects of your life to see what is worth holding on to and what you need to let go of. Oh, and for those who have set up their manifestation grid, don’t forget to cleanse the crystals and put them outside to charge in this Awesome New Moon Eclipse Energy. Enjoy!

Blessed Be