New Supermoon 15/11/2020

We are in the middle of November already. Where has the year gone? It’s another Super Moon at 5.09 am on the 15th UK. The third in a row and the time to set your new intentions. I have been listening to Pam Gregory, our local astrologer who speaks of energy quickening, strong emotions, downloads of information as well as beliefs being rattled to the core and watching what is unfolding.

She also talks of being aware of our dreams, as this is a time of change, where we are entering the birth canal and there is no going back as we make our way into the new Earth. Our manifesting is higher at this point, to be able to create our fabulous new future and so we need to be aware of where we are focussing our thoughts and attention.

Pam talks about a Tibetan Master telling his student about two dogs guarding a temple. One dog is sweet natured and the other dog is aggressive and keeps attacking the sweet natured one. The student says “which dog wins”.  The Master says “the one I feed the most”.

I know what I will be feeding the most – keeping my frequency high and enjoying this pivot point change.

Wishing you all a fabulous New Supermoon!