Strong Energy – 20/3/19

I don’t know whether there are any of you out there who are experiencing the strong energies tonight. Susan and I noticed the difference when I was driving her back home this evening after our Spring Equinox meditation. My son Jamie and I have just been outside. It’s 23.15 and it is eerily quiet. We […]

Ostara 2019

Spring Equinox is at 9.58 pm tonight just 4 hours before tomorrow’s Worm Super Moon (the last Super Moon for 2019). A Worm Moon is simply the term used by ancient Native American tribes and Europeans for a Full Moon that lands in March. Ancient people used to mark the changing seasons by following the […]

The Power of the Drum 15/3/19

Thank you Natasha from Drum Fun for organising such a fabulous evening. The energy created by us together with Cheryl and Sue was amazing. I was a bit apprehensive, having never attended a Drumming Circle before, but I was amazed how everthing just flowed. I really felt Den’s drumming expertise channelling through me! Must get […]

Fare Thee Well

Firstly, I must apologise for not getting this blog out sooner, however when I get home from work I have been lost in my thoughts and memories. It has been a hard week, but then I knew it would be. I want to thank all of you who sent cards and flowers and for those […]

Badbury Rings, Dorset in the mist

Den has transitioned

I don’t like to use the words die or death because Den didn’t die at 9.30 am on Thursday 28th February 2019, he transitioned. It’s been a bit emotional for me over the past few days and I thank Den for giving me two fabulous sons who are supporting me through all this. It is […]