Flora Day 8/5/18

I am soooo proud of my niece Karrie and her husband Alan. They did so well at the Midday Dance in searing hot weather. Here are some photos.               Wish we could have been with you, but at least we were there 6 years ago! Blessed Be

Worth Waiting For

I thought I would share with you, the Doreen Virtue Magical Unicorn Oracle card that jumped out of the pack yesterday – Worth Waiting For. “Your patience will be rewarded. You know what you want and you’ve been waiting for it.  This card means that your patience is about to pay off! You’ll soon have […]

Hospital Visits

Just getting ready for the early pm shift visit to Den in Bournemouth Hospital. Little Lunar says “If I hide in your bag can you take me too?” All day Crow has been around watching over me. Even at the hospital this afternoon, she waited for me to get my phone out of my bag […]

Walking Meditation

As many of you know, I have been suffering from lower back pain and took the plunge to visit Mark at our local Osteopath. The root cause is my nervous system/stress (I wonder why?), so I took Mark’s advice and this morning went for a walk in nature at 6.15 am.  Many of you may […]

Lily of the Valley

A photo of Lily of the Valley in full bloom outside our front door. They remind me of our glorious days at our riverside home – Willows, on Beasley’s Ait, Sunbury. We had a profusion of Lily of the Valley and now they are growing well here in Hamworthy. They are also in full bloom […]

Our Fabulous Ambulance Service

  My heartfelt thanks go out to Monica and Phillip, two fabulous paramedics, who came to the rescue yesterday when I (for the first time) had to dial 999 for my husband Den. They were with us within 15 minutes. I was absolutely amazed at their efficiency, skill, knowledge and how they were able to […]

When Woodpecker shows up

I spent yesterday evening with Miri and Fleur at Shamanic Willow’s Beltane ceremony. We honoured Goddess Rhiannon and connected with Hawthorn Woman. I never realised until yesterday evening, that the top of the stamens of the tiny Hawthorn Flower are a lilac/mauve/purple colour. Morgen La Fey’s colour! During the ceremony, crow kept watch by circling […]