Simple Minds Concert 1/4/22

My son Jamie treated me to two VIP tickets to the Simple Minds Concert at the BIC. My niece Karrie from Cornwall came along to accompany me. Having a VIP ticket not only meant that we would get to meet the group before the show and hear the sound checks and get a Goody bag, but also have the opportunity of posing questions to the group.  I couldn’t believe it when I was number 5 out of 5 people chosen to pose a question.  I was the last one and the question was for Jim Kerr (by the way his voice is as strong as ever). It went like this”Hi Jim, today is the 1st April and we have a New Moon which is the time for wishing and manifesting, and by the way one of my wishes has already come true because I am here posing a question to you. Jim what would your wish be at this New Moon? ” He responded by saying that he is so grateful that he can still sing and perform and his wish is that he can continue to do so. He then suggested that the other members of the group answer the question as well, which they did.

A truly magical evening, being able to dance and rock my socks off! That’s what memories are made of.  A few clips for memory lane.

IMG_4706 I travel

IMG_4719 Alive and Kicking

IMG_4717 Dont you forget about me