Essence making – 11/12/2019

I am really enjoying my Shamanic Practitioner course with Shamanic Willow especially last week’s Module, on making essences.  My training last week, co-incided with my Transit Reading appointment with AlexandrA Jowett (Jupiter Returns on Facebook).  Absolutely awesome. Willow and Alexandra have spurred me on to create my Grief and Bereavement essence which I completed last […]

Awesome Eclipse Energy

I thought I would send you all some information about this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer today that has been shared with me courtesy of Kari Samuels.  “We have an important month coming up.  The Sun governs how you project your consciousness into the world.  When there is a Solar Eclipse, the Moon (your […]

Ostara 2019

Spring Equinox is at 9.58 pm tonight just 4 hours before tomorrow’s Worm Super Moon (the last Super Moon for 2019). A Worm Moon is simply the term used by ancient Native American tribes and Europeans for a Full Moon that lands in March. Ancient people used to mark the changing seasons by following the […]

Oak Woman

I managed to snatch a quick walk on Sunday to connect with nature, while my son kept an eye on hubby. Oak Woman is always there for me and I find comfort in sitting in her cradle that she has created. I like to think, just for me. I find I can sit in her […]

Love and Kindness

I have recently been practicising love and kindness meditation which is helping me get through tough times at the moment. I thought I would share this special moment. This morning I did an early shop at Asda (we are talking 6.15 am) mainly to get complan etc in order to build Den up for the […]

Lammas Abundance

Hazel Woman at the Lake, who brings the warmth of Spring, showing off an abundance of Hazel Nuts. Hawthorn Woman at the Lake, who is the Spring blossoming and the Clouds in the Sky, showing off her berries that are not quite red yet. And our Lammas Lady, Ash Woman with such an abundance of […]