Samhain Blessings 31/10/19

Blessings to you all, especially to those who joined me at my Samhain ceremony, which included Sally Morningstar’s Ceremony of Apples.  My thanks also to Shamanic Willow, my teacher of the old ways.  You had a lot to absorb, so here is a recap.  Remember the veils are thinnest tonight and Mazoe comes into her […]

The Void – card for the day 26/10/19

Along with “Red”, this is the other card that popped out.  Retreat, Rest, Pause. “Let there be light” .. and with those words creation sprang forth from darkness and propelled all of us on our eternal paths of discovery and enlightenment. You are now again at a time of great transformation and change, and this […]

Standing Stones in Brittany

At a recent Crone’s Corner with Shamanic Willow, we discussed Standing Stones and Dolmens. Willow said I should do a blog. Well I thought I had completed one before and low and behold over 2 years ago I did post some information on the Dolmen at Les Pierres Plates. Sadly, this was the last holiday […]