Shamanic Journey – 31 January 2020

Card for the Day – Seven of Swords What this card says to me that you have been working away at something that didn’t make your heart sing, that wasn’t your life’s purpose, but you have had to do it. It feels like you have had to use your mind and you have been locked […]

Elen of the Ways

Synchronicity plays a big part in my life and here it is again – Elen of the Ways. She is also known as the Green Lady, Goddess of Gardens and Guardian of the underground streams that carry the sacred waters. I first came across her when I Googled Goddess of the Wildwood.  Some of you […]

Essence making – 11/12/2019

I am really enjoying my Shamanic Practitioner course with Shamanic Willow especially last week’s Module, on making essences.  My training last week, co-incided with my Transit Reading appointment with AlexandrA Jowett (Jupiter Returns on Facebook).  Absolutely awesome. Willow and Alexandra have spurred me on to create my Grief and Bereavement essence which I completed last […]

Samhain Blessings 31/10/19

Blessings to you all, especially to those who joined me at my Samhain ceremony, which included Sally Morningstar’s Ceremony of Apples.  My thanks also to Shamanic Willow, my teacher of the old ways.  You had a lot to absorb, so here is a recap.  Remember the veils are thinnest tonight and Mazoe comes into her […]

When Woodpecker shows up

I spent yesterday evening with Miri and Fleur at Shamanic Willow’s Beltane ceremony. We honoured Goddess Rhiannon and connected with Hawthorn Woman. I never realised until yesterday evening, that the top of the stamens of the tiny Hawthorn Flower are a lilac/mauve/purple colour. Morgen La Fey’s colour! During the ceremony, crow kept watch by circling […]