Samhain Blessings 31/10/19

Blessings to you all, especially to those who joined me at my Samhain ceremony, which included Sally Morningstar’s Ceremony of Apples.  My thanks also to Shamanic Willow, my teacher of the old ways.  You had a lot to absorb, so here is a recap.  Remember the veils are thinnest tonight and Mazoe comes into her full power.

The Apple you took home is a symbol of life and immortality.  Cut it crossways and it reveals the 5 pointed star or Pentacle at it’s core which is a symbol of the Goddess.  I am leaving mine outside tonight as food for those souls who are joining me tonight, especially those waiting to be reborn.  Meditate on your gift of Yew and Cauldron.  The Cauldron symbolises the Divine Feminine and is the cosmic container for all life and death, of transformation and rebirth. Mazoe is Keeper of the Cauldron.  The Yew helps you connect with your Ancestors and reminds us that we contain all their experiences and knowledge.  And finally, your pebble contains all your dreams for this New Year.  I shall be burying mine tonight.  I will not dwell on what dreams I have infused it with, being confident in the knowledge that The Divine Mother will bring them to fruition.

What can you see in those flames?

Blessed Be