Elen of the Ways

Synchronicity plays a big part in my life and here it is again – Elen of the Ways. She is also known as the Green Lady, Goddess of Gardens and Guardian of the underground streams that carry the sacred waters.

I first came across her when I Googled Goddess of the Wildwood.  Some of you may remember that Den called me Goddess of the Wildwood just a matter of days before he passed in February this year. It took me a few months to research what he had said and that is when I came across Elen Sentier and Caroline Wise on the internet. I have treated myself this Yuletide, to Elen of the Ways by Elen Sentier in which she says “Learning Elen’s ways will help you learn about all the life we share on this beautiful planet. Everything changes and only so does everything remain. Elen’s ways lead us back to knowing this and to living it.  The art of letting go, of not knowing best, of being full of expectancy but without expectation – this is walking the deer trods.”

My recent astrology reading with Jupiter Returns was about “letting go” and then a recent beautiful Full Moon ceremony with Shamanic Willow honoured Elen of the Ways.

I now know that she is the Goddess that appeared in my channelling earlier this year. It is so amazing how my life path twists and turns. I never know what it round the corner “of not knowing best”.

My cover photo is a beautiful piece of art given to me yesterday, by Shamanic Willow. It now proudly hangs in my Healing Cabin. Thank you Willow.

Blessed Be