It’s been a difficult few weeks

I guess until you have experienced losing your partner – together since you were 16 – you don’t realise how difficult the first year can be, especially the few weeks and days building up to their anniversary.  For me I have been re-living those traumatic last days – nursing Den at home with my youngest son Jamie. I didn’t realise how those emotions would all come flooding back. Although it’s not the 28th February today, Den actually passed a year ago today.

Through all this I have found out who my true friends and family are and I have learnt that to move forward, I need to become Warrior Woman.

Shamanic Willow shared this with me today (she was told this by a Cherokee Native American).  “The Native americans mourn for one year after the passing of their loved ones and they don’t Powwow dance for a year out of respect for those who have passed.  After the year, they then dance again.  This releases the Spirit to go and their mourning then is not holding them to this world.”

Through my Shamanic Practitioner training, I have also learnt that we don’t honour our departed as much as other cultures.  So, with the help of the Morrigen, I have a place/an altar where I can honour Den and all our ancestors. It’s also a place for Paul and Jamie to come, to light a candle and have a chat. Jamie and I will also be holding a Dumb Supper, both tonight and tomorrow night, with Den’s favourite meal, an Indian.

Miss you so much Treasure.