When Woodpecker shows up

I spent yesterday evening with Miri and Fleur at Shamanic Willow’s Beltane ceremony. We honoured Goddess Rhiannon and connected with Hawthorn Woman. I never realised until yesterday evening, that the top of the stamens of the tiny Hawthorn Flower are a lilac/mauve/purple colour. Morgen La Fey’s colour!

During the ceremony, crow kept watch by circling over the trees and when the ceremony had ended we heard a Woodpecker. I have checked out my Animal Spirit Guides book and it says “When Woodpecker shows up a storm is brewing, either literally or metaphorically but have faith, as you are protected no matter what. It is a good time to do some drumming and/or rattling whether on your own or with a group of friends. You are entering into a time of abundance and plenty. Go to a place of nature and lie on your back on the ground , breathe slowly and steadily and see if you can feel Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Pay particular attention to your own cycles and rythmns and do your best to honour them by aligning yourself with them, rather than be contrary to them”

How wise mother nature is because we certainly have a storm this morning! And drumming – well Susie is painting my drum for me and my son Jamie brought me back a seed rattle that he found on the ground. And I need to lie on the ground again (when the weather is a bit better). I have done this in France (remember that Susan) and you can really hear Her heartbeat. And yes, I have to accept my aching back that I have at the moment. As Willow said yesterday evening – Goddess Rhiannon is all about honouring your body. The parts that you are not happy with as well as the parts that you love. So I will honour my back because it has done a lot of work over the years, especially since Den has had failing health.

As promised, Kirsty, my photo of the Full Moon – Pink Moon

Blessed Be