I Ching Drumming – To Protect the NHS staff

Dean, who has been helping me with my video blogs informed me yesterday, that his partner Sarah had been called up to be a front line doctor in London. She is going to do this willingly, but Dean is very worried about her safety. It reminded me that so many relatives and friends are worried about the safety of their nearest and dearest (Shamanic Willow is concerned) who are working tirelessly in the NHS.

So I decided to consult the I Ching and to ask what hexagram should we drum in order to protect Sarah and all the NHS doctors, nurses and staff. Again, I received changing lines. So we have two beats to drum. This time, I explain in the videos, how to do the beats and as always, I have created sacred and protected space for us. So all you need to do is find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed.

I do hope you will drum along with me, keeping the intention of protecting the NHS doctors, nurses and staff. The first round is in Video One and the second round in Video Two.

Keep safe, keep well. Blessed Be

Video One

Video Two