Winter Solstice 21/12/19

Morgen Tyronoe is in her full power now. She is ancient woman, bone woman, stone crow. Crow of stillness. The stillness between death and rebirth. She is Crow of Air. Old woman of winter of frost and ice. She is Holly woman and she holds the ancient wisdom. She brings the wind that blows through our lives, clearing our minds, bringing winter and hibernation, wisdom and spiritual energy.

Last night I was honoured to be part of Shamanic Willow’s Winter Solstice ceremony and each of us was given a crystal tea light holder with a tea light, infused with the energy of Goddess Danu and Morgen Tyronoe. I have put mine on my altar, together with my silver tea light that I took along for the ceremony.

A truly magical evening with magical ladies.

Winter Solstice Blessings to you all.