Essence making – 11/12/2019

I am really enjoying my Shamanic Practitioner course with Shamanic Willow especially last week’s Module, on making essences.  My training last week, co-incided with my Transit Reading appointment with AlexandrA Jowett (Jupiter Returns on Facebook).  Absolutely awesome. Willow and Alexandra have spurred me on to create my Grief and Bereavement essence which I completed last night using the final rush of approaching energy of the Gemini Full Moon. It was Wednesday which is Mercury’s day and Mercury rules Virgo (healing), which is my birth sign. I also harnessed the energy of Jupiter and Uranus who  are creating a lovely aspect at the moment. As Alexandra says, “astrology is like surfing – we catch the wave as its building rather than as its breaking when it peaks.”

Just lovin it.