Birthday Girl Bubbles – 7/5/2020

Happy Birthday Bubbles. 8 today! Thought I would share a couple of photos with you all that I took about 6.30 am this morning. She just looked so sweet in amongst the wild garlic and honesty. When we were given Bubbles, we were told by the breeder that she had a “dicky ticker” and that […]

Luna’s birthday – 4/5/2020

Well, Luna was 3 years old yesterday and I managed to get a couple of shots of her actually cuddling Bubbles.  It didn’t last long as her licking turned into a bite for poor Bubbles, which ended up with Bubbles jumping off of Jamie’s bed. So Luna got the bed all to herself! I think […]

A little bit of Magic 1/5/2020

First of all, Beltane Blessings to all of you. A really mixed bag so far. The wind has changed to the North West here at the moment, and walking back home I was drenched by a thunder storm with hail stones! Had to completely change my clothes when I got home. Walking home I thought […]

Radish seedlings 2020

Thought I would share with you the power of nature. I have taken advantage of the new moon energy and on Saturday 25th I planted some more radish seeds. This is a photo of the seeds three days later on 28th. See how they are pushing the soil up, literally erupting. What power! And this […]

Blue Tit – 28/4/2020

An amazing thing happened on Saturday morning. I went into the conservatory to find a blue tit flying around.  I obviously helped him out of the door. This morning, whilst reciting my positive affirmations, a blue tit landed on the railing of my bedroom balcony. About half an hour later, I am in my office […]

Synchronicity 23/4/2020

I wasn’t even channelling when this message came through this morning. In fact I was miles away, stirring my porridge. So here it is. What came through was “You have always sown seeds since you were a child and you must continue.  Do not be dismayed if the seeds do not grow.  Each seed has […]

The meaning of 555

When I keep being given a sign I start to take notice. I was one of the many who probably woke up in the early hours of 8/4/2020 to watch the Super Moon in all her glory. I was blessed to receive many messages, one being the pentagram within the clouds. Well that is the […]

The Universe Provides – 10/4/2020

Well I am just overwhelmed by the kindness I have received.  I suspect the 6 eggs came from Danny Hart (seems to fit the description Jamie gave me). How he knew that I had no eggs and the Co Op had no eggs, I don’t know. But my heartfelt thanks Danny for your kind gift. […]

Keeping busy in Lockdown – 10/4/2020

Well I must say this is my first Good Friday in lockdown. Blue sky. And what beautiful temperatures to have my self imposed Retreat! And I have been so busy since last Sunday, just like the bumble bees. And that’s not just the dreams I have been having with the super energies that have been […]

Imbolc Blessings – 1 February 2020

I wish you all Imbolc Blessings and look forward to our Ceremony this evening. For those of you who can’t make it tonight, and who have one of my Brigid’s crosses, please remember to take down and burn your old cross tonight, as it has been protecting you throughout the year, collecting negativity that may […]