A FREE meditation to help you through these chaotic times

This guided meditation is free and I hope it will be helpful, especially for those of you who cannot get outside into nature. These are emotional times for all of us, where we find we are in situations that we have never experienced before.  But we will get through this.  Just try to keep positive. I received this mediation in the early hours of Tuesday 24th March 2020 and I was told to “get it out there and try to calm the waters”. My first attempts to “get it out there” failed miserably, as the recording was too big for my website. I tried the email route, and that too failed. But I didn’t give up.

This is my first recording (so please bear with me) and thanks to Dean, our third son, for helping me “get it out there” !  I could not have done this without his help. The mediation is shorter than originally planned due to the size but now we are “cooking on gas” my next one will include grounding.  I realise that this virus has come along to push me out of my comfort zone and many of you may be experiencing the same. I realise now that I need to record a video, so that my sons (including Dean) will have something to remember me by. Losing Den last year made me realise that it is the voice that fades from the memory and unless its recorded, you never get it back.

Please share this with as many as you can. This is my gift to you all and remember that I am here for those who need counselling. I have just been told by my son Jamie, to be strong, be a Warrior Woman!

So, before you start, you will need to find a light coloured pebble or crystal.  Try to find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to light a candle or some incense. I have created sacred and protected space for you, empowered by my deities, but feel free to do this for yourself. You will need to ground yourself and if you are not experienced in this, just let me know and I will guide you through the process. Hold your pebble in your hand, start the meditation link (click on guided meditation in the first sentence), close your eyes and start to take some deep breaths and RELAX with the beat of the Shamanic Drum.