Synchronicity 23/4/2020

I wasn’t even channelling when this message came through this morning. In fact I was miles away, stirring my porridge. So here it is.

What came through was “You have always sown seeds since you were a child and you must continue.  Do not be dismayed if the seeds do not grow.  Each seed has a choice – to accept your love and energy and grow or to remain closed.  We are not just talking about plants and trees. You are doing a good job. Just keep planting those seeds”.

I shared this with Shirley Battie this morning, who said that strangely, she had written about “carry on sowing” in her next book. (looking forward to hosting her next book launch) And then this afternoon, I finished watching the 10 part documentary by Janet Ossebaard – The Fall of the Cabal, which in part 9 talks about sowing seeds. Synchronicity.

Now the boat has been painted, and my distance Reiki clients seem to be on the mend, I think I need to get back to some “Me” time, and start to re-connect.

Keep safe, keep well