Keeping busy in Lockdown – 10/4/2020

Well I must say this is my first Good Friday in lockdown. Blue sky. And what beautiful temperatures to have my self imposed Retreat! And I have been so busy since last Sunday, just like the bumble bees. And that’s not just the dreams I have been having with the super energies that have been coming through. More of that in another blog.

My son Paul spurred me on last Sunday and we “bottomed” Puffin and here we are today. Nearly finished and I think Den would be proud of us.

Thank Goddess that my son Paul was with me on Wednesday because I got stuck in the mud while painting the exterior of the boat. The mud came up to the top of my boots which you can see from the photo and the offending mud is in the second photo. In order for Paul to pull me out, I had to leave my left boot in the mud, which Paul managed to dig out.

Keep well, keep safe