I Ching Drumming – Healing for Ian R Crane

My dear friend Susan shared with me, a You Tube link from Thomas Sheridan.  She said please can you send some healing to Ian R Crane. In the video, Thomas asks all healers out there if they would send healing to Ian as he is very ill. Well when you get a plea like that, you have to help.

I have never met Ian, but I know a lot of you have, and I understand he has done so much to protect and heal Mother Earth. So I consulted the I Ching asking “what hexagram do we beat in order for the Universe to send healing energy to Ian R Crane”.  This time there were no changing lines and the hexagram informs us that “the drummer attains a mediative state of such inner clarity and insight, that all actions become sychronous and spontaneously correct. So long as you follow your intuitive sense, your actions will be in accord with the true self and ultimately the cosmos“.

As always, I have created sacred and protected space for us.  All you have to do, is focus your intention on sending healing energy to Ian while you drum. Just click on the link below.

In my rush to get this video out to you, my hair was still wet from my bath!

Keep safe, keep well.