Ostara 2019

Spring Equinox is at 9.58 pm tonight just 4 hours before tomorrow’s Worm Super Moon (the last Super Moon for 2019). A Worm Moon is simply the term used by ancient Native American tribes and Europeans for a Full Moon that lands in March.

Ancient people used to mark the changing seasons by following the lunar months, naming the months after the features associated with that season.The last Full Moon of winter is therefore called the Worm Moon because this is the time of year when earthworms start to appear after the icy ground thaws. I certainly have a lot of worm holes in my lawn at the moment!

So we have some fantastic energies building up, and I shall be holding a ceremony here tonight, to welcome the energy of Morgen Cliton. The Great She Bear of the Heavens. Crow of Springtime, Crow of the Greening land, the bringer of courage, strength, energy and protection. One of her totem animals is Woodpecker and I hear her every morning when I am walking to work.

And as always with a Full Moon, don’t forget to cleanse your crystals and put them outside in the Super Moon for charging.

Ostara Blessings to all of you.