Earth Healing 22/5/2021

What a fabulous, magical day at the Tall Trees in the New Forest. Veronica and I had been drawn to visit this place about a month ago, which turned out to be an amazing time, just like we had walked into another dimension.

This time I was guided to do some earth healing with my Healing Crystals which I have collected over the years.  My thanks to Judy Hall who introduced me to some amazing crystals that I had never heard of before. Using intuition, regarding the location and the layout, Veronica and I completed our work. After our ceremony, we went back to the special place we had found before, to have lunch.

Now this is where the magick really started to kick in. This proved to me that our thoughts CAN create our reality. I was thinking how nice it would be to see some New Forest ponies and then before our eyes, 3 appeared on the other side of the river. I was so happy. But as soon as we looked away, they vanished. Then I remembered what Den had said shortly before he passed. “You are Goddess of the Wildwood and the Crows are protecting you and the Owls are protecting you”. And immediately a crow flew down in front of us and started walking along the river bank and across a tree that had fallen across the river. But then as soon as it had appeared, it vanished. This was followed with alarm calls from the birds and I said “There’s a preditor about”. With that a young tawny owl flew up into the tree in front of us. We walked to the tree to get a closer look, as we couldn’t believe our eyes. But as soon as we turned our eyes away, he too, had vanished.

For those of you who know me, you will appreciate my connection with Elen of the Ways, and on the walk back to the car, I thought to myself, how wonderful it would be to see one of her deer. No sooner had I thought it, than one appeared and again once we had taken our eyes of her, she disappeared.

No time for photos when all this magick was taking place, but what I saw and experienced, will stay with me for the rest of my life.  We were truly, truly blessed. So be careful what you wish for, and make sure it is for the good of all, or not at all.

If any of you reading this, are interested in Earth Healing with me, just let me know. I work on Energy Exchange.  On this occasion, Veronica provided the lunch.

Thank you Veronica for joining me. Blessed Be.