Walking Meditation

As many of you know, I have been suffering from lower back pain and took the plunge to visit Mark at our local Osteopath. The root cause is my nervous system/stress (I wonder why?), so I took Mark’s advice and this morning went for a walk in nature at 6.15 am.  Many of you may know that part of Mindfulness is doing a Walking Meditation. You just walk in nature and notice/take note of absolutely everything around you. The trees, the sky, the bird song, the smells etc etc. It was a glorious morning just right for a Walking Meditation and here are some photos that I took  walking to Upton Country park via the shoreline.

As always Crow keeps watch over me and if you zoom into the centre, you can see her perched on a branch.

Oak Woman offered her strong trunk to support my aching back. She really did give me some comfort.

I didn’t realise how long it had been since I had been on this walk and was dismayed to find, we can no longer walk along the shoreline as it has been fenced off! So here we gave a distant photo of Hawthorn Woman.

However walking via the pond route I found Hawthorn Woman in all her glory. This area hasn’t been fenced off – yet!

Early morning stillness at the pond. Reflections in water always amaze me. Sometimes you can’t tell the bottom from the top. Oh think that was in a Hollies song!

And Robin decided to pose for me. Again, if you zoom into the middle of the photo you can see him on the branch posing.

I never knew Oak Woman had such fascinating blossom. And is that an Oak Apple?

Blessed Be