The Void – card for the day 26/10/19

Along with “Red”, this is the other card that popped out.  Retreat, Rest, Pause. “Let there be light” .. and with those words creation sprang forth from darkness and propelled all of us on our eternal paths of discovery and enlightenment. You are now again at a time of great transformation and change, and this may require introspection, soul searching and questioning regarding where you go from here.  If you are feeling stuck, feeling bored, facing difficulty, in pain or otherwise challenged, entering the void offers a chance to regroup, redefine, and cocreate with the divine what is best for you.  And it will serve you through this next stage of your life.  Sometimes we voluntarily go into the Void and sometimes we are pushed by illness, burnout, grief, or loss as well as other circumstances.  Yet within the darkness you can retreat and hibernate, feeling safe for a while as you search for deeper meaning and fulfillment, and allow a moment of pause before creation once more kicks in.  Do not rush your time there, as so much can be revelaed and learned that is not accessible to you at times other than the night.  These can be rich days and weeks indeed.  We call the first movement of a baby in the womb the quickening, and so too it is with you now.  Feel and sense a quickening within yourself – a desire to begin anew, to stretch, change, become something else.  So move further into the Void, and as you do, you leave behind the old and what is known.  The first steps in are the most difficult, as they require you to face your own darkness – that which may have robbed you of Joy, Love, Health, Abundance or Hope.  But as you step into the Void, you feel Metatron’s presence within the dark, and you proceed deeper into its safe cocoon, knowing you are not alone.  Within the Void there is light too, and you can truly face who you are and what you now need to deal with, heal, embrace or feel.  From that moment of sweet surrender, everything becomes possible … a creative dance of movement, flow and expansion once more.  The sound and vibration of chanting OM at this time will connect you back to your own cosmic breath, your divine essence, so that you can reach once more for the light bursting forth to a new you.  Your soul is a bright, sparkling ball of luminescent light – you can be anything you want to be; choose any reality, any theme, any time, any role to play.  Consciously entering back into the Void is to reach back into a rich landscape of potential dreams, as well as unfulfilled desires and wishes.  Don’t fear the Void.  It is there to help, not hinder; to heal, not hurt; to create, not diminish; and to make greater, not diminish this experience of LIFE.  Metatron offers safe passage through its darkness back to light – all is well, all is well, all is well.

Thank you Amanda Ellis for such beautiful cards.

Blessed Be