Standing Stones in Brittany

At a recent Crone’s Corner with Shamanic Willow, we discussed Standing Stones and Dolmens. Willow said I should do a blog. Well I thought I had completed one before and low and behold over 2 years ago I did post some information on the Dolmen at Les Pierres Plates. Sadly, this was the last holiday Den and I would have together. So here it is again. Bons Souvenirs (fond memories) as they say in France.
Hi everyone. Back from a 2 week break in France and can’t believe how the time has flown by. Another item ticked off my bucket list – my visit to Carnac and the wonderful standing stones. We stayed at a beautiful campsite at Locmariaquer – right on the beach – and my added bonus, were neolithic sites in walking distance!
I am always amazed how Goddess provides. The synchronicity is amazing. No camera and desperate to make drawings of the wonderful neolithic engravings in a nearby Dolmen called Les Pierres Plates, a very kind French man came to the rescue with his professional camera. So I helped him using my torch to light up the burial chamber while he took the photos. A Dolmen, by the way, is a burial chamber.
When I got home this week, I found 21 photos in my email box that Charles (that’s the guy’s name) had sent through. So I didn’t have to make drawings afterall. I have the actual photos of the engraved stones. Thank you Charles. Thank you Goddess.
If anyone out there can explain the meanings of the engravings, that would be wonderful. I would like to think that the fern or tree-like one represents the phases of the moon (13) and that another represents an owl. I know John Lash – author of Not in His Image – told me that the owl was Gaia’s totem animal so I would like to think that the people who created this incredible Dolmen had great affection and respect for Mother Earth.
As a token of my appreciation, I painted a small rock which I placed outside the Dolmen. On the back was Guardez Moi ou Cachez – Love on the Rocks UK. On my last day, I went back to the Dolmen to see if the rock was still there. It had gone, so I do hope it made someone smile and that they were able to understand my French!
Hope you all enjoy the photos.
Blessed Be