Card for the Day 24/10/19- Red Safety, Strength and Power

My dear friend Susan bought me The Archangel Metatron self mastery oracle cards by Amanda Ellis for my birthday. They are fabulous cards. Two jumped out at me today, so I thought I would share one card with you today (this one is my favourite in the pack) and the other, hopefully I will share tomorrow.

“The last card in the deck. Red grounds, anchors, encourages, and supports you now. You may have been feeling tired, depleted, unconfident, demotivated, or lacking direction. Red light comes to energize, warm, and stir you back to life.  Red is the shortest wave of light and the most earthly of all the colours. Emerging from this, an ancient elder comes before you who has seen everything and understands the ways of the land and its people.  He is here to teach you, as he has learned to master the potent force of red and use it for good in his world.  He stands on red, sacred earth, able to feel his bloodline going back through generations, healed and whole. He will show you how to lead, show courage and face whatever is there to challenge or belittle or derail you. He asks you to stand in your own power and be sure of a sold foundation and safety while others around you may feel scattered and fearful.  His energy of strength and determination is here for you now.  For you have called him and he works alongside Metatron as a bridge between the Angelic and Shamanic worlds. Red needs mastering so that no blood needs to be spilled, and no more sacrifices made.  The time of peace, not war, is needed.  No more fighting over territory, possessions, or what someone else has; he makes us look at where we may still have parts of this that need healing within ourselves and in our family line.  His gaze scans the horizon to see any danger, alerting you and protecting you at all times.  Standing guard over you, he also makes those who wish to hurt another look to their own issues, and repels negativity back to the sender.  He offers the pipe of peace to you now.  Whatever you are struggling with, any negativity that you feel, he says to you that there is another way. To own the realm of red energy as he does requires great spirit.  He has truly made peace with the earth and all upon it.  Nothing can shock him, deter him, or hurt him.  Feel into his energy now.  Here is your helper for all that you may struggle with concerning base chakra issues, health, safety, finances, relationships, security.  His presence here may also imply that ther are energies of anger, frustration, greed, or lust around you.  If so, again let him help master lower energies and feel instead for the best that red embodies – conviction, leadership, passion or strength to name a few.  As you embrace the learning of the red ray, he assures you that nature can provide all your needs and that respect for the earth brings her love back to you tenfold”

Synchronicity again. My conversation with Sally Morningstar today was about the challenges ahead and not being drawn into the web of doom. To be a beacon of light for others who may be fearful. A Warrior Woman (Shamanic Willow).  And  Shamanic worlds – I am currently studying a Shamanic Practitioner course with Shamanic Willow.

Blessed Be.