Shirley Battie’s Channelling Workshop – 1/5/2022

What an amazing and powerful workshop I attended with Shirley Battie.  Shirley is amazing and even with her illness, she is going to publish another book around July.  The group were incredible and so much information was channelled through. Many of us stepped out of our comfort zone, including myself, having never channelled light language […]

Some Magickal Reflections on 2021

It’s been a few months since I last posted a blog and the Shirley Battie Little Owl Card that presented itself to me yesterday, number 48, has prompted me to start blogging again. It reads “Words, words, words.  Words are powerful but action is more so………. in words consolidate by giving written true examples”. One […]

Synchronicity 23/4/2020

I wasn’t even channelling when this message came through this morning. In fact I was miles away, stirring my porridge. So here it is. What came through was “You have always sown seeds since you were a child and you must continue.  Do not be dismayed if the seeds do not grow.  Each seed has […]

Little Owl Card No. 20

Yesterday, I spent a fantastic evening with Shirley Battie and friends. We debated all manner and kind of things but primarily,healing and saving Mother Earth. Before we left Shirley invited us to pick one of her Little Owl Cards. I thought I would pick one from my set of Little Owl Cards this morning and […]

A Fun Packed Sunday

Sunday started with a Psychic Workshop with Shirley Battie. Lovely group of people and learned so much. Then back home to get the fire ready for the Firepit Drumming with Drum Fun with Natasha. What a fantastic ending to the day. And as if it couldn’t get any better, Cheryl Kerslake presented me with a […]

Oxalis – Love Plant

A couple of years ago – gosh doesn’t time fly! – I attended channelling with Shirley Battie. If you have attended any of Shirley’s channelling, then you will know that she has an Oxalis plant on her window sill. One evening when we were channelling, her Oxalis started moving about and yet there was not […]