Shirley Battie’s Super Conscious Episode 2

H Now you mentioned that our satellites won’t survive the future.  What do you mean by that? Can you say what’s going to happen? Is that appropriate?  O There will be big changes shall we say.  That will knock – have to be careful how much we tell you – there will be changes that will throw things into disarray and some will survive and some will not (we are talking of satellites here) and there will be a disruption that will cause major, to put it lightly, major upheaval.  Things will settle and it may be that satellites will go up again, but that is too far ahead for you to be concerned about.

H So the disruption will affect Earth as we know it?  O Of course it will affect Earth.  It does make us laugh at times.  Why worry about something you can have no change over.  Why worry and waste your energies on and worry.  Makes not a jot of difference whether you worry or not, so why spoil your present time.  When things change, you accept them and deal with them as they happen.  If in the present, time, not the future.  The future never comes, you do know that?

H Why is that? O Well because today is the present, the future hasn’t arrived, so for you as an individual or anybody as an individual, the future has no relevance in today.  Yes, you may plan and assume you may change things, so the future is perhaps seen better, that so is true, but when it comes to worry, it’s stupid is the word to worry.  If you are going to do something about change for the future, that is action and that is different.  That is acting according to your beliefs, according to your gifts.  But you are still in the present doing that.  You may find that is odd, for time and our world has no relevance in the future, but the future has already happened.  Now the future already having happened, it’s still more stupid to worry about it.  For it has already happened.  All the worrying in the world isn’t going to make any difference.  So what we are saying is, stop worrying and live in the now, do what you think with what may happen in the future.  Think is different to worry.  Planning is different to worry.

H Because we are always being told that we can create our future.  O And you do because your thoughts are the creation of today.  It’s your present day thoughts that create the future.  Do you see?  H Yes I do.  That explains it.

O It is what you do today that creates your future.  Ha Ha.  And there are variable futures of course.  Not all futures are going to be the same, even on an individual basis.  The future is according to your actions and your thoughts.  H Yes, because we have free will don’t we? O Yes, free will is the right to choose to do it this way or that way.  It’s as simple as that.  No right or wrong.  That’s all it is.

To be continued ………