Shirley Battie’s Super Conscious Episode 1

As many of you will know, Shirley is not well.  Last year, I was honoured to be Shirley’s guide in a QHHT session.  It was an absolutely amazing experience and something I will never forget. I have made a promise to Shirley that I will share the connection made with her Super Conscious and here we go with Episode 1.

S = Shirley in her somnambulistic state, O = Shirley’s Over Soul  and H = me.

H So who do you share the knowledge with? S With each other.  Once you have achieved knowledge of any kind it is with you for eternity.  You never ever lose what you have learned.  It never leaves.  It is with you right the way back to Source.  That’s the whole purpose of Source is to learn through others.

H So every piece of information goes back, is that what you are saying?  S  Yes, every piece goes back.  Nothing is lost.  It goes back to Source.  It’s never lost.

H So is the information and knowledge growing all the time?  S Yes, that’s the whole purpose.  It’s the whole purpose of existence. H Do I have permission to talk to Shirley’s Subconscious? O No, we like to call it the Over Soul.  H Ok let’s call it the Over Soul, because you don’t have a name do you? O No, there is no name.  H Do I have your permission to ask questions?  O You always have permission to ask questions. H Why did you choose that lifetime for Shirley to see? (The Over Soul becomes more robotic in speech, more authorative)

O Because it was ordinary. Nothing spectacular about it.  It was simply another era.  The ordinariness was important to provide patience of what it means simply to be alive.  Without striving.  Without searching but simply being.  Simply being and accpeting whatever comes is a gift in itself.  It’s all experience after all.  H Just curious but was there anyone in that life that she knows now in this lifetime that she is living? O No, not one.  That life is not important.  It really is not an important life in any respect to today.  Simply following the thread.  You might say, a line of enquiry that leads nowhere.

H Shirley wants to know what her purpose is now.  Should she keep writing? As you know Shirley is a brilliant writer.  She wants to know what her purpose is now. O She knows she will always write but what she does with it is the question. H So what should she do with it? O The reason for writing is so that there is a record, a recording of events for future use.  Your great ones, Homer, Pythagoras, Plato, all the great ones, they were impelled to write the events of their lives and their thoughts.  If they had not done so, the world you live in now would have had no knowledge of what they had to impart.  It would be lost into the great void.  But not shared in the same way do you understand?

H Yes, but can you expand? O Yes, there would be no knowledge or teaching attached to what they had to put down, so it was essential that they wrote, for your world will not always be as it is now. It will not have the uses that it has now.  But once something has been laid down on paper or wood or stone, as has been done in the past, it remains to be used again and again and AGAIN. You see so much that is written now goes on to your electronic devices and is easily lost, never looked at more than once as a rule, ignored after the first intake and it is not there for future generations.  This has nothing to do with lack of internet connection, for that is dependent on your satellites and other things, which also will not survive the future years as they are now.  So it is essential that writing of any kind is actually on something material.  Do you understand?  H Yes, I understand.  O So they can be viewed at a later time maybe well into future generations, which is not so for your electronic use.  So the answer to your question is yes, WRITE and it does not matter so much what is done with it right now.  The importance will be seen possibly later, much, much later.  Well after the lifetime of Shirley.

To be continued ………..