Shirley Battie’s Channelling Workshop – 1/5/2022

What an amazing and powerful workshop I attended with Shirley Battie.  Shirley is amazing and even with her illness, she is going to publish another book around July.  The group were incredible and so much information was channelled through. Many of us stepped out of our comfort zone, including myself, having never channelled light language before.


At the end of the last channelling session, Shirley channelled a message through for us, which we were told to share. I have had a Soul Reading with Shirley, but I have never been in the presence of Shirley actually channelling a message. So here it is:

“Image all your world leaders on bended knee in humility. They need to learn to be humble. Image all armed forces over your world laying down their weapons. Only then will there be change. Image and you can manifest. You must share this”.  Interesting how they use the word “image”.

Thank you Shirley.  Thank you ladies.

Love and hugs Heather x