Shirley Battie’s Super Conscious Episode 3

H So what you are saying is that Shirley’s purpose is to keep writing?  Her purpose is to write down for future generations? O From our view point, yes.  We stress that, because we do not wish to impose our right, rather we do not wish to impose on Shirley’s rights to make a choice.  She has free will, exactly.  So we offer it up as an alternative as a purpose for writing.  It can still be rejected.  H So she has to put it in books not electronic? O It has to be on paper.  Something solid.

H Another question.  Can she energetically put her body back into perfect condition?  Because she has got terrible pain in her spine and she was telling me that it’s caused by her spine narrowing and it presses on a nerve and it’s causing her terrible pain when she is walking.  It’s really affecting her lifestyle.  Can you tell us more about this?  Do you know where it originated from? O Lack of action.  Physical action.  H What do you mean by physical action?  O Lack of movement.  H And why is there lack of movement? O We are going to say lack of willpower to do what she should.  H And what should she be doing? O Be more active.  H But its difficult for her to be more active when she has got this pain.  Is there anything you can do now to help her.  Because I know you can do anything.  Dolores says you can heal anything.  And we have got Shirley here now.  Can you help her? Because we want her body in perfect balance and perfect health, because she obviously has got a lot of writing to do.  Hasn’t she?

O Create in the mind the perfect body.  Create that image of what she considers to be perfect.  Create that particular image and bring that into reality through that creation. H And how does she create that?  O With the mind of course.  Through meditation.  That of course is one way.  But with daily thoughts.  She needs to do this regularly. H Surely there is something you can do now to help Shirley? O We will send the energies that are required to make those observations.  H Are you doing that now? O We are sending it now.  H While you are doing this for Shirley, may I ask you more questions while you are working?  O Yes you may.

(On this occasion I had to be persistent with my questioning with the Super Conscious to get the desired result.  Even to the point of using Dolores’s name to get agreement)

To be continued …..