Last Full Moon of the decade 12/12/2019

I have been listening to Pam Gregory regarding the Full Moon in Gemini. There is so much chaos out there at the moment and she says it will get wilder.  Also Pam says that if 1% of the world population shifts their consciousness upwards it affects everyone. By shifting and keeping our frequencies high, we can create a very beautiful world and a wonderful future. Again, synchronicity comes into play. At my reading with AlexandrA, we discussed the I Ching, which I consulted last night.

The hexagram that came up says “even a small group of one mind, one purpose and fully attuned through the drums, can transform the world and manifest what is needed to benefit all beings.”

So tonight at 18.30, if any of you would like to join me, I shall be drumming the hexagram with the intent to “shift the world’s consciousness upwards in order to create a very wonderful future for all beings”.

How awesome that would be