Imbolc 2021

I have been meaning to put a blog out for about a week now, as I noticed the energies had changed. Snowdrops were starting to peep through and the blackbirds were starting to sing in the early morning.  It seemed that Morgen Tyronoe blasted through with that storm last week, allowing Morgen Thitis to come […]

Imbolc 1st February 2018

I can’t believe another year has turned on the wheel and we are fast approaching Imbolc. I have been able to make Bridgits crosses this year while I have been nursing Den in the afternoons. It seems as fast as I am making them, my friends and family are taking them which is fabulous. More […]

Morgen La Fey Retreat

Morgen La Fey Retreats are held once a month in the beautiful Normandy countryside. Here we explore the source of our personal power, deepen our relationship with Mother Earth and re-learn the old ways lost in time. Working with Morgen La Fey is magical and empowering.  She is Queen of the Fae and Healer, being […]