Happy Lunar New Year

I find this time of year amazing. What a line up. First the New Moon in Aquarius on 1st February, followed by Imbolc on 2nd February and today, the 3rd February, we welcome the year of the Tiger.  This year is auspicious for myself and my son Jamie, as we are both Tigers.  Today, as I put my new Feng Shui cures out, I finally felt as if my New Year was beginning and that we have a world of opportunities opening up at long last. By the way, I always purchase my cures from Jo at www.fengshuiweb.co.uk.  They really are beautiful works of art.

For those of you who have wind chimes in the house, you need to be moving them from the south east to the centre. Don’t forget to cleanse them first.

For those of you who have my Brigid crosses, you need to take them down and burn them and replace them with a new one. I am making them to specific colours this year, to maximise on the auspicious energies of feng shui. I guess you could say, east meets west! So if you would like a replacement just let me know what direction your front door faces.

My cover photo is Morgen Thitis who I honour at Imbolc.  She is crow of new beginnings and comes to us with her spark of life. Have you noticed the snow drops appearing?

Imbolc blessings and wishing you all a fabulous Year of the Tiger!