Morgen La Fey Retreat

Morgen La Fey Retreats are held once a month in the beautiful Normandy countryside. Here we explore the source of our personal power, deepen our relationship with Mother Earth and re-learn the old ways lost in time.

Working with Morgen La Fey is magical and empowering.  She is Queen of the Fae and Healer, being the central Crow of the 9 Crow Sisters. At the weekend Retreat we will connect with Her Shamanic elements and the magic of the Crow Sister on the Wheel of the Year by honouring nature, connecting with the land, the elements and the healing magic of Morgen La Fey.

This Retreat will focus on Morgen Thitis and will include a personal healing session.


24 – 25 February 2018


£200 non refundable at the time of booking

Accommodation and Travel:  

Please contact me for further information and a more detailed agenda


Tel or text:

07963 311728

2018 Retreat Dates

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