Imbolc 1st February 2018

I can’t believe another year has turned on the wheel and we are fast approaching Imbolc. I have been able to make Bridgits crosses this year while I have been nursing Den in the afternoons. It seems as fast as I am making them, my friends and family are taking them which is fabulous. More and more people are believing in the power of protection that these crosses give us.

Now for those of you who have crosses up from last year, don’t forget to take them down on the 1st February and ceremoniously (hope that is how you spell it) burn them and then replace them with a new one by your front door. I hang mine outside my front door so I can see it everytime I walk out and in through the front door.

I have chosen a bit of a theme this year and for those who would like to buy one they are £5 each.