Spring Equinox 20/3/2020

Oestra Blessings to you all in these chaotic days. I thought I would share with you some encouraging signs of spring as my seeds, that I planted before the Full Moon, are already popping up through the soil. I had to move them from one side of the conservatory to the other, because Lunar, in her attempt to get at a cat that now comes in our garden, knocked several of the pots over!

Many of the seedlings will be ending up in my Shamanic Power Plant raised bed in France.  My radishes have already been transplanted and are under my cold frame in the garden.

I have been keeping myself busy, making items that have been on my wish list. Now I have the time, I can make them, showing me that positivity can come out of negativity.

The time of equal day and equal night, the Spring Equinox reminds us to keep a sense of balance and equlibrium.

Keep well. Keep safe and look after each other.

Blessed Be